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TUNIC Speedrun Guides


Tiny Fox, Big World

Welcome to the exciting world of TUNIC speedrunning!

If you are ready to begin your isometric action-adventure as a fast fox in a slow world, make sure you've explored the wilderness, fought monsters, and found secrets! TUNIC is a fantastic game and we highly recommend you experience the game casually before attempting any speedruns.




Complete the game as quickly as possible.

Unrestricted No Major Glitches Restricted

New Game+

Use a valid New Game+ save.

Unrestricted No Major Glitches Restricted

True Ending

Collect all 28 manual pages.

Unrestricted No Major Glitches Restricted

All Relics

Obtain all six Hero Relics.

Unrestricted No Major Glitches Restricted


Get (nearly) every item and secret.

Unrestricted No Major Glitches Restricted


Acquire the gun.

Unrestricted No Major Glitches Restricted


🟢 Unrestricted

Unless specifically address in Game Rules, all glitches and skips are allowed.

Just about anything goes in this ruleset. Once you press New Game, you're free to use all discovered glitches, major and minor. Routing is going to be defined mostly by where Ladder Storage or Upgrade Stealing is possible.

🔵 No Major Glitches

Ladder Storage, Wrong Warp and Upgrade Stealing are not allowed.

A classic ruleset, this plays more like the V1 of TUNIC without major glitch discoveries and patch-introduced glitches like Ladder Storage. Most routing and tricks will carry over to Unrestricted.

🔴 Restricted

A more "glitchless" experience that is routed similar to a casual playthrough.

Restricted is a ruleset that is designed to see the game played in a more complete and 'intended' way. Some tech is banned for being 'glitchy' and some because it skips a large portion of the game (a major area, for example).

Getting Started

Play on PC and Controller

Any PC version and modern controller will do

There are several advantages to speedrunning the PC version: easy access to save files, controller re-binding through Steam, access to the auto-splitter / load remover, and PC-based resources on SRC.

A controller is recommended due to analog input and its requirement for a specific cutscene skip.

Set VSync and Monitor Hz

Vsync is required — Choose either 60Hz or 120Hz

Because tricks and game cadence are affected by framerate, we require both: Vsync, and your monitor set to either 60 or 120 Hz. Read more here.

You cannot set framerate with a third-party tool like Nvidia Tools. Even though the game's FPS output will show the setting you apply, the game itself is always rendering at the refresh rate of your monitor.

Record Runs with OBS

Use OBS to record and/or stream your run attempts

Every run submission requires both video and audio. Runners are free to record using any means and host these videos on any platform (YouTube and Twitch are popular choices), but the most common way is using OBS Studio.

There is no requirement to stream runs—runners are free to stream runs and "Highlight" them or record locally and upload.

Track with LiveSplit

Use the auto-splitter to avoid having to split manually

Those timers you see on everyone's runs? That's LiveSplit! LiveSplit is a common software used to track progress of speedruns.

TUNIC also has a community-developed auto-splitter that can be configured in Split Settings to automatically split when areas are accessed or items are collected. You can also download existing splits on SRC.

Bind Ice Beam

Bind Dagger and Wand to a single button

In virtually every category / ruleset, being able to reliably use the "ice beam" (combining the dagger and wand) is essential. Thus, we allow runners to bind multiple keys to a single key.

Set this up in Steam or an equivalent software. A popular choice is RT or R3.

Bind WASD to the D-Pad

Get quick access to digital movement

In lots of cases, it is easier to consistently set up for or execute tricks with digital movement (i.e., using the WASD keys on keyboard). Binding these keys to the D-Pad gives you immediate access to this option without reaching for the keyboard.

You will want to set this up in Steam or an equivalent binding software.

Use the Debug Mod

Easier practice and save management while learning

There is a community-built "debug" mod for TUNIC that allows you, among other things, to save/load world position, load states quickly, and reposition the fox with a click.

To enable mod support, you'll need to install a specific version of BepinEx. Instructions can be found on this guide.

Bind Ladder Storage

Bind action and a weapon to a single button

If you are running the Unrestricted ruleset, you will need to execute the "Ladder Storage" glitch (likely several times). To make this more consistent, we recommend binding the "Action" button (default: A) and an item button (recommended: X) to a single button.

Set this up in Steam or an equivalent software. A popular choice is RB.

Official Leaderboards

Rules, guides and resources

Every run must be submitted to (SRC), and thus you can find plenty of example runs in every category. Also the source of all official, up-to-date rules, tools and resources, splits and saves.

Visit SRC

Community Server

A Discord server for speedrunning

Whether you're interested in running TUNIC yourself, want to help us find skips and glitches, or you simply enjoy watching runs — this is a great place to become a part of the community and hang out with other fans.

Join Server

Randomizer Mod

An extensive randomizer mod for PC

Created by SilentDestroyer, this mod features randomization of every item in the game, as well as enemy randomization, enhanced fox customization, custom items, and much, much more!

Download Mod