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No Major Glitches

The original speedrun, Any% (No Major Glitches) is an arguably more difficult run that trades flying and warping for cancels, clips and skips.

The classic speedrun route: orb, dagger, RTSR, wand, then to the Quarry, Ziggurat, Atoll, Library, Fortress, Temple, and the Heir. Ledge clips, ice bomb tricks, grapple cancels, crab wrangling, and lure tech. This is the run that kicked off this community.

It may be slightly harder to learn than Any% Unrestricted due to the ease of major glitches and the amount they pave over, but the tricks in this run feel maybe a tad less fragile overall.

Be sure you have read over Getting Started before beginning this guide.

Acquire Orb

Sneak to Atoll
To Frog's Domain
Frog's Domain
orb bomb

Acquire Dagger

Enter West Garden
Get Sword
orb sword
Terry Drop
ice bomb orb sword
Ice Bomb Skip
Get Dagger

Enter Ziggurat

To Dark Tomb
Orange Peril Ring
To Forbidden Pass
orb dagger wand orange peril ring
Quarry Skip

Blue Key

effigy dagger wand
Elevator Skip
Upper Ziggurat
bomb orb effigy
Admin Skip
Kevin Clip
sword dagger wand
Lower Ziggurat
2X Admin Skip
orb dagger wand

Boss: Scavenger

If you have 8+ wand shots worth of mana
If you have 7 or less wand shots worth of mana

Green Key

orb dagger wand
NW/SW Fuses
NE/SE Fuses
orb bomb lure
Enter Library
Boss: Librarian

Red Key

To Overworld
orb dagger wand
Shortcut Skip
Outside Fortress
Sealed Door Clip
Boss: Siege Engine
Red Key

The Heir

orb dagger wand
Temple Door Clip
bomb dagger wand
Drop Keys

Warp to Heir

  1. Run to the Overworld West warp point. To avoid aggro-ing enemies, walk through the bushes you burned at the beginning of the run.
  2. Enter the middle warp pad in The Far Shore.
sword dagger wand
Heir Cutscene Skip
Boss: Heir