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New Game+

No Major Glitches

A great starting category, New Game+ (No Major Glitches) starts you with all major items, pages, and consumable items you need.

This run is considerably shorter than Any%, as you don't need to seek out the Orb, Dagger, Wand, Sword, or Orange Peril Ring (and other trinkets). With all pages, there is also no Heir fight at the conclusion of the run. Your stats can start at any upgrade level, so there's no need to be concerned with tight MP routing.

It feels like cheating (in a good way), is super fun, and is a great ramp-up to a more fragile category.

Download NG+ Save
Be sure you have read over Getting Started before beginning this guide.

Enter Quarry

Use ice-grapples to quickly head over to Quarry

  • Head west to the key and use the wand to zap the bushes.
  • Walk behind the windmill and ice-grapple the nearest rudeling.
  • Head west and grapple down to the fork behind the Envoy.
  • Head up the ladder, into the Forbidden Pass and power the first fuse.
  • Head into Quarry and power the second fuse.
effigy dagger wand

Admin Skip

Use ice-grapples to push Admin off the ledge, skipping tower

  • Defeat the first phase of the Administrator.
  • While it's transitioning phase, roll/run to the right-most corner.
  • Grapple it to you and immediately ice-beam it.
  • Re-position to its left and ice-grapple it 3-4x, let it thraw and fall.
  • Then ice-grapple it until you fall onto the lower part of the tower.
This is very tricky and required for WR attempts, but you can do the tower as normal if desired. It loses a decent bit of time, but it's consistent while learning.
SCAV FIGHT: If the above is too difficult to learn or execute, fighting the Scavenger only loses a few seconds.
orb dagger wand
sword dagger wand
orb dagger wand
sword dagger wand
fire-bomb dagger wand

Warp to Heir

  1. Run to the Overworld West warp point. Muffling Bell should prevent enemy aggro.
  2. Enter the middle warp pad in The Far Shore.