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True Ending


True Ending (Restricted)

Instead of Relics, True Ending (Restricted) is a long route focused on the collection of pages and fairies without skips or glitches.

The first 3/4ths of the run is largely an Any% Restricted run, with small detours to collect easy pages on that route. It also focuses on collecting on-route fairies (as 10 are needed for a page). The Swamp / Cathedral / Gauntlet segment is a carbon-copy of All Relics Restricted. The most unique part of the run is the last-10-minutes mad dash for final Laurels-locked pages.

Once you have experience with Any% Restricted, this is an equally-enjoyable next step as All Relics Restricted, and learning one will teach you most of the other.

Be sure you have read over Getting Started before beginning this guide.

Until I've had time to create a guide in this site's format, please check out the following videos.

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