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Our default board, Any% (Unrestricted) is a technical, fragile, challenging run full of glitches, tricks, RNG, and a bit of flying fox.

This category is an evolution of Any% after tricks like Ladder Storage and Wrong Warp were discovered (Sept 2022). It streamlines the older routing of No Major Glitches by skipping many older tricks and sections of the game, specifically Lower Ziggurat. In some ways, this makes the run easier to learn.

However, due to the inconsistency of tricks (Ladder Storage with the stick, Atoll ledge clip, Wrong Warp) and the fragility of tricks like Basketbomb, this run can be punishing to grind.

Get Practice Saves and Splits
Be sure you have read over Getting Started before beginning this guide.

Acquire Orb

Get Stick
LS to Atoll
To Frog's Domain
stick bomb
Frog's Domain
stick orb bomb

Acquire Dagger

Enter West Garden
Get Sword
sword orb
West Garden Skip
Get Dagger

Enter Ziggurat

sword orb
To Dark Tomb
If you find this too inconsistent, the No Major Glitches tech works almost as quickly.
To Forbidden Pass
orb dagger wand orange peril ring
Quarry Skip

Blue Key

effigy dagger wand
Elevator Skip
Upper Ziggurat
sword dagger wand
Admin Skip
Wrong Warp

Boss: Scavenger

If you have 8+ wand shots worth of mana
If you have 7 or less wand shots worth of mana

Green Key

orb dagger wand
NW/SW Fuses
NE/SE Fuses
orb bomb lure
Enter Library
Boss: Librarian

Red Key

To Overworld Save

Warp from Atoll to Overword and Save

  1. Run north to the warp pad and travel to Far Shore. Warp to West Overworld.
  2. Run from the warp pad northeast. Zap the top-left-most bush right of the teleporter pad.
  3. Run to the ladder and to the main Overworld shrine and save. During this step is a good time to active the speedrunner code for the next step.
orb dagger wand
Shortcut Skip
Outside Fortress
Sealed Door Clip
Boss: Siege Engine
Red Key

The Heir

orb dagger wand
Temple Door Clip
bomb dagger wand
Drop Keys

Warp to Heir

  1. Run to the Overworld West warp point. To avoid aggro-ing enemies, walk through the bushes you burned at the beginning of the run.
  2. Enter the middle warp pad in The Far Shore.
sword dagger wand
Heir Cutscene Skip
Boss: Heir