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Be sure you have read over Getting Started before beginning this guide.

Get Stick

Acquire the stick and equip the bomb

  1. Enter the small house with a mailbox. Immediately roll toward and open the chest to acquire the stick.
  2. While opening the chest, equip the Firecracker.
  3. As soon as the Stick dialog ends, pause, quit, and continue. Immediately exit the house.

Use Bomb

Run west of Overworld Save and throw bomb

  1. Run up the stairs, being sure to draw the cleanest line. Move left of the pillars approaching the save point.
  2. Run left, cross the bridge and approach the key. Throw the bomb at the bushes. While waiting for the bomb, equip the Stick. Move toward the nearby ladder.

LS to Quarry

Use Ladder Storage to fly over to Quarry

  1. Activate Ladder Storage on the now-accessible ladder.
  2. Run directly left around the closed gate and toward Quarry. Run past the fuse and into the Quarry. Run past the second fuse and to the unpowered save point.

Get Sniped

Use Ladder Storage until a sniper downs you

  1. Activate Ladder Storage on the ladder behind the save.
  2. Run directly left and curve around just beside the sniper. Continue up-left, past the sniper and towards a chest. The sniper should fire and down you just beside another scavenger.
  3. Run to the left and up to the passage to the shooting range.