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True Ending


True Ending (Unrestricted)

Combining flying and stealing, True Ending (Unrestricted) is a difficult run combining a bit of everything the TUNIC speed game has to offer (except the Golden Path).

True Ending might be the best major category in TUNIC. This ruleset mixes in Ladder Storage to simplify some sections of No Major Glitches (getting into Atoll and Frog's Domain, West Garden, Mountaintop), but complicates others (Dark Tomb, Swamp, skipping the Admin tower in Zigg) and leaves you more fragile in some spots (Gauntlet). But: it's gets unlimited stamina. Pros and cons.

Because of route optimizations using major glitches, this variant is a bit more difficult / more fragile than No Major Glitches, but also a bit shorter.

Be sure you have read over Getting Started before beginning this guide.

Until I've had time to create a guide in this site's format, please check out the following videos.

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