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New Game+


A great starting category, New Game+ (Unrestricted) starts you with all major items, pages, and consumable items you need—and you get to fly.

This run is considerably shorter than Any%, as you don't need to seek out the Orb, Dagger, Wand, Sword, or Orange Peril Ring (and other trinkets). With all pages, there is also no Heir fight at the conclusion of the run. Your stats can start at any upgrade level, so there's no need to be concerned with tight MP routing.

It feels like cheating (in a good way), is super fun, and is a great ramp-up to a more fragile category.

Download NG+ Save
Be sure you have read over Getting Started before beginning this guide.
orb dagger wand

Enter Quarry

Use Ladder Storage to quickly head over to Quarry

  1. Head west to the key and use the wand to zap the bushes.
  2. Use ladder storage off the top of the nearby ladder and run to the Forbidden Pass.
  3. Power the first fuse, head into Quarry and power the second fuse.
ZIGGURAT DOOR SKIP: This technique is fairly risky but saves a few seconds.

Ziggurat Door Skip

Use Ladder Storage to avoid powering the Ziggurat door

  1. After entering the Forbidden Pass, DO NOT power the fuses. Run to the unpowered save in Quarry and use ladder storage off the top of the nearby ladder.
  2. Run directly up and adjust slightly left as you run.
  3. Aggro the sniper, veer to the right, and then back toward the sniper. They should strike you, drop you out of LS, and land you on the roof.
  4. Run to the center of the top-left wall, wait for a Scavenger to charge, and grapple him down to you.
  5. Roll right and run down--the Scavenger should run to the right.
  6. Ice-grapple and continue to grapple until you are pulled through the wall and fall.
  7. Fire 3 neutral ice-beam shots quickly as you start to fall, else you will hit a death plane.
  8. Once you land, roll back towards the door to hit the loading zone.
effigy dagger wand

Upper Ziggurat

Clear the fairies without losing time

  1. Run past the fairies and hug the north edge of the upper descending path (to avoid triggering the 3 addl. fairies).
  2. At the catwalk corner, turn and dispatch all but one fairy with the wand. Ice-beam the switch across the gap and equip sword.
  3. Continue to the Administrator tower, dodging the lone remaining fairy.
sword dagger wand
Admin Skip
effigy dagger wand

Wrong Warp

Warp to the end of Lower Ziggurat.

  1. Exit the Lower Ziggurat back into the fuse factory. Make sure your equipment set is Effigy, Dagger, Wand.
  2. You must Quit to Menu before attempting WW. Otherwise your fall speed will not be reset from skipping the Admin Tower.
  3. The goal is to re-enter the Lower Ziggurat scene and use the effigy on the same frame:
    • If you are too early, you will start to throw the effigy. Pause, Quit to Menu, and try again.
    • If you are too late, you will simply emerge into Lower Ziggurat as normal. Walk back north and try again.
    • If you are successful, the fox's feet will "snap" to be parallel and you will hear the faint beginning of the effigy animation when the screen turns black.
  4. On success, when you load in, fire one ice beam up-left and 3x more neutral (no direction). You should land on the lower catwalk that takes you to the Boss Scavenger.
sword dagger wand
SCAV FIGHT: If the above is too difficult to learn or execute, fighting the Scavenger only loses a few seconds.
bomb dagger wand
orborb daggerdagger wandwand
swordsword daggerdagger wandwand
orborb daggerdagger wandwand
swordsword daggerdagger wandwand
fire-bombbomb daggerdagger wandwand
orb dagger wand

Warp to Heir

  1. Run to the Overworld West warp point.
  2. Muffling Bell should prevent enemy aggro.
  3. Enter the middle warp pad in The Far Shore.