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Mr. Mayor



100% (Unrestricted)

A TUNIC tour de force, 100% (Unrestricted) is a tightly-routed, glitch-heavy, complex run that visits every area in the game as fast as possible using every trick in the book.

Every: upgrade, equipment, relic, page, fairy, treasure, flask, trinket, and slot. Get everything you can on first-visit to most areas, no matter how risky. Steal some upgrades to attack harder and go faster. Skulls in the swamp? Yep. Only one chance at Scav? Uh-huh. The Fez fairy? Yeah. Forget even one item? Run invalid. But no Golden Path or Heir, I guess?

A brutal beginning and an enormous checklist, 100% Unrestricted is a doable run for only the most committed TUNIC speedrunner.

Be sure you have read over Getting Started before beginning this guide.

Until I've had time to create a guide (or ever finish this run), please check out the following video.

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