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All Relics

No Major Glitches

All Relics (NMG)

A mad dash for hyperdash, All Relics (No Major Glitches) is a smoother, simplified True Ending NMG without pages or fairies.

The run opens like a cleaner True Ending NMG, both optimizing the gathering of key items early and breaking for Laurels immediately. Rather than pages and fairies, the back-half of the run detours for the Relics with crossover All Relics Restricted strats. At its conclusion, the run mostly resembles Any%, both breaking into the Temple and fighting the Heir.

It's a newer category so time will tell, but this run keeps most of the fun of early-Laurels routing while keeping the complexity low. It's not as diverse, but it's still pretty fun.

Be sure you have read over Getting Started before beginning this guide.

Until I've had time to create a guide in this site's format, please check out the following videos.

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